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Board Announces First Grant Cycle Will Start in 2020

DONNELLY, ID – The Stibnite Foundation is one step closer to funding important community projects across Adams, Idaho and Valley County after appointing board members and electing officers. The Stibnite Foundation was formed earlier this year and created through the establishment of a community agreement between Midas Gold and eight cities and counties closest to the proposed Stibnite Gold Project. 

Each community who participated in the agreement appointed one member to represent their interests on the Stibnite Foundation. Midas Gold Idaho and Midas Gold Corp also hold seats on the board. Midas Gold is funding the foundation through a combination of cash and shares. The following individuals were chosen to be the voice for their community:

Bob Crump, Riggins

Denis Duman, Idaho County

Julie Good, New Meadows

Kylee Hatfield, Adams County

Anne Labelle, Midas Gold Corp 

Ronda Rogers, Yellow Pine

Laurel Sayer, Midas Gold Idaho

Tami Testa, Council

Gene Tyler, Donnelly

Glenna Young, Cascade

“It is an honor to serve our communities on the Stibnite Foundation and work together to fund projects that will have a positive impact on our entire region,” said Bob Crump, president and spokesperson for the Stibnite Foundation. “We appreciate the opportunity Midas Gold has created and are grateful they recognize the importance of giving local residents a say in how their project should benefit our communities. We look forward to helping many organizations in the future as they work to create positive change in the areas they serve.” 

Bob Crump was elected to serve as the president of the board for the Stibnite Foundation, Julie Good will serve as secretary and Glenna Young will serve as treasurer.  

The board is currently working on developing its grant selection criteria and grant application process. At this time, the Stibnite Foundation meetings will not be open to the public. Each year, the Stibnite Foundation will host a public meeting to review its finances, announce its grant recipients and share success stories of the projects it has funded. 

The first grant cycle will open in 2020. Individuals and organizations who would like to learn more about the Stibnite Foundation are encouraged to visit The website will have the latest information about the foundation, grant process and key deadlines. 

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August 16, 2019

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