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In early 2019, eight communities across the Stibnite Foundation Region came together alongside Perpetua Resources to establish the Stibnite Foundation and support the causes and organizations that make our region so special.

The Stibnite Foundation believes by working collaboratively, across city and county lines, we can create more powerful opportunities. We are focused on investing in opportunities that help our neighbors, protect our environment and build stronger, more vibrant communities.

This part of Idaho is special. At the heart of this region are many amazing people working every day to advance causes important to them. If we help them succeed, we all benefit.

Perpetua Resources is providing the funding for the foundation. It was important to the company that the entire region benefit from the Stibnite Gold Project. Already, before the Stibnite Gold Project has been permitted,

Perpetua Resources has donated $300,000 and given the foundation 1.5 million shares in the company.

Perpetua Resources will continue making donations to the foundation as the company passes key milestones. Those donations include:


Plus 1.5 million shares 60 days after the formation of the foundation


First quarter of 2019


First quarter of 2020



upon Record of Decision for the Stibnite Gold Project



plus 1.5 million shares upon receiving permits to commence construction


upon commencement of construction and each year after until the Stibnite Gold Project goes into production


within 15 days of the commencement of commercial production

Each year of production

a minimum of $500,000 or 1% of total comprehensive income less debt repayments

$1 Million

at commencement of final reclamation

Foundation Members

Each member of the Stibnite Foundation was selected to represent their community. While we are all personally passionate about different causes and organization, we share the common belief that when you invest in our environment and people amazing things can happen.



Bob Crump came out of retirement to serve on the Stibnite Foundation and Stibnite Advisory Council after being appointed by the Riggins City Councilors. He is lovingly known by his community as one of the same ten people who volunteers for every chamber event (of which there has been many over the last 40 years). Bob graduated from the local high school in 1965, attended the University of Idaho obtaining a degree in Physics and worked at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory for eight years and two years at Gulf General Atomic near San Diego. In the nuclear industry, Bob was an engineering specialist where he performed probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants. In 1979, he moved back to Riggins and purchased several businesses, was a city councilor for 16 years and mayor for seven years before retiring six year ago.

Denis Duman

Idaho County

Denis is a lifelong resident of Cottonwood and dedicated public servant. He is a U.S. Navy veteran who served his community on the City Council and as Mayor for 24 years before being elected an Idaho County Commissioner. Denis was chosen to be the Stibnite Foundation’s Idaho County representative in large part because of his track record of helping others. He has served on the boards of the Clearwater Economic Development Association and Ida-Lew Economic Development Association for more than 30 years. Denis has proudly been married for 40 years and is father to three grown sons. Like many Idahoans, Denis loves spending his free time camping, UTV riding and traveling.

Julie Good

New Meadows

The appointment to the Stibnite Foundation from the City of New Meadows was a great honor for Julie. She has worked with regional and international charitable foundations and non-profit entities for over 30 years but the opportunity to be involved in community-based organizations always brings her the greatest joy. Over the years, Julie has developed technology expansion at Meadows Valley Public Library and has worked with local nonprofit groups on everything from community gardens and food for families to economic development and business retention. Whether directing the Heartland Community Choir or teaching free computer and business classes, she is intent on keeping the magic of small towns alive. Julie is looking forward to the possibilities afforded by the creation of the Stibnite Foundation, both now and in the future.

Anne Labelle

Perpetua Resources Corp

Anne is honored to represent Perpetua Resources Corp on the Stibnite Foundation. She was one of the first employees of Perpetua Resources Corp and an early driving force behind the company’s involvement in the communities surrounding the site. Anne is personally passionate about supporting causes and issues that are important to her. Currently, she is raising money with her eight-women voyageur team, Stix Together, to raise awareness and money for the Yukoners Cancer Care Fund. She is also a longtime supporter of improving urban cycling networks, vermicomposting, urban farming and advancing the careers of women, particularly in the mining industry. Anne is excited to help address important needs in Idaho by serving on the Stibnite Foundation. 

Clete Edmunson

Adams County

Clete Edmunson is a born and raised Council Lumberjack and fourth generation product of the mining and logging camps of Idaho’s rich past. With an Edmunson family history of proudly working the early Idaho mines of Florence, Warren and Stibnite, getting involved with the Stibnite Foundation was a chance for Clete to both connect with the past and to build a better future for all Idahoans.  Clete is a former three-term Idaho Legislator and Special Assistant to Governor Otter, and is the current Superintendent and high school principal of the Council School District. 

Ronda Rogers

Yellow Pine

Ronda spent her career helping others as a social worker. So, it should come as no surprise that even in retirement she feels strongly about helping those around her. Ronda’s passion for giving back caught the attention of her neighbors in Yellow Pine and earned her a spot on the Stibnite Foundation. She is excited to be a voice for her community and help deserving organizations in rural Idaho get funding through the foundation. Ronda is particularly passionate about supporting the future of our communities – our youth. She has volunteered with many different organizations but is particularly proud of her work serving on the Military Youth Council, which supported children whose parents were serving our country.  Ronda is happily married and a proud mother to five grown children. She loves living in Yellow Pine and having access to so many outdoor activities right outside her back door. 

LaureL Sayer

Perpetua Resources

Laurel was raised by a family who believed in giving back and helping those around them. It is no wonder why she works for a company who shares those same core values. As CEO of Perpetua Resources Corp & Perpetua Resources Idaho, Laurel is proud to support the company’s contributions to local nonprofits, volunteer hours and community involvement. She is excited to be a founding member of the Stibnite Foundation and cannot wait to see the positive impact the organization creates throughout the region. Laurel continues to give back on her own time. She has been a lifelong champion of the arts and currently serves as a board member for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

Pat dehaas


Pat has been incredibly involved with his community over the years and worn many different hats within the city. He served on the City Council and currently works as the Public Works Supervisor. Pat has also been an owner of a local business and spent the early part of his career working in the lumber industry. Through all of these different roles, Pat has gained a deep understanding of Council and the needs within the community. He is honored to represent his city and help determine what the Stibnite Gold Project could mean for his fellow neighbors. He hopes by serving on the Stibnite Advisory Council, he can help advocate for communities across Central Idaho and work with Perpetua Resources to bring more family wage jobs to the region and protect the environment by cleaning up the mess legacy operations have left at Stibnite. Pat is a proud husband and father to five children. In his spare time he loves to be outside fishing, camping or barbecuing with family and friends.

Gene Tyler


As a retired senior military officer, who served for over 35 years, Gene has extensive experience as a strategic planner and actively puts these skills to use helping numerous community organizations. He also holds three graduate degrees and, over time, has learned complex projects require a strong and ethical team in order to be successful. Having married into a family that has deep roots in Donnelly and the Idaho backcountry, Gene has closely followed the progress of the Stibnite Gold Project from the very beginning. Today, he is pleased to represent Donnelly on the Stibnite Foundation and work with other communities to benefit the region.

GLenna young


Glenna is a proud Idaho native and is honored to represent the City of Cascade on the Stibnite Foundation. Glenna brings a wealth of financial knowledge to the foundation. She was elected to serve as the Valley County Treasurer for 16 years and built a 20-year career in banking prior to that. Glenna is an active member of Cascade and is always happy to lend a hand to a friend or neighbor. Currently, she gives time to serve on the Community Board of Guardians, a group who looks over individuals with needs and have no relatives available to assist them. Glenna treasurers Cascade’s proximity to nature and slow pace of life. She hopes to help protect this culture while helping the community grow and provide more opportunities for its younger residents.